Do you sometimes wonder where a particular habit, fear, or other unusual behavior comes from? Do you think an event from your early childhood or past life may be influencing your present life? Is there someone you’ve just met, but it feels like you’ve known forever? Do you often experience déjà vu? Or perhaps you are just curious about who you may have been or what you may have experienced in the past?

If so, then a Regression Therapy session with Mary at Think Wellness Boutique may be for you. Mary has extensive experience in Regression Therapy and is highly skilled in guiding clients through the interpretation, understanding, and healing of any residual emotions or sensations from previous traumas (in this life or past lives) that may be negatively impacting you in your current situation.   

Past Life Regression and Age Regression are therapeutic methods that use a light state of hypnosis to guide you through your past in order to uncover and understand the root cause of a current issue. Sometimes our bodies and subconscious minds hold onto the effects of previous traumatic experiences from both this and past lives, resulting in irrational fears, unwanted behavior patterns, and inexplicable aches and pains. In Regression Therapy, the awareness created and deep insights revealed help to heal and transform their current influence in a safe and structured way. Regression Therapy can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to release the hold that your past experiences have on your present life. 

Past Life Regression is a great tool to help you achieve a therapeutic goal, but can also be used simply to satisfy your curiosity about who you were and what experiences you may have had in a past life. 

All Past Life Regression sessions are recorded to a CD for the client.



See personal relationships in a new light

Release irrational fears and anxieties

Explain and resolve unusual habits and quirks

Uncover skills or knowledge you didn't know you had

Uncover and resolve the root cause of inexplicable physical ailments

Recognize old friends and soul mates

Accessing deep insights and spiritual guidance