At Think Wellness Boutique we use a powerful and proven program to guide you through the grief recovery process so that you can move past the pain and find happiness again.

Have you experienced a significant personal loss? Do you feel a deep sadness that you just can't overcome? Are you holding on to intense anger and resentment that you can't let go? Do you now suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or have difficulty sleeping at night? Is a heavy guilt weighing on you? Is grief debilitating your life?

Mary, at Think Wellness Boutique can help. She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and an expert on grief recovery with over 15 years of experience helping people navigate and ultimately heal from the complex grieving process.  

The Grief Recovery Method®
Mary will guide you through this dynamic program that is the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plan available for recovery from loss. In this program you will look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, what losses have affected your life, and take new actions that lead you to resolve the pain attached to all of your losses. Clients find that they are able to discover and complete unfinished emotions resulting in grief recovery and profound personal healing. Mary personally has used this method to recover from the loss of her mother, loss of her 16 year old daughter to cancer, her own divorce, and the diagnosis of a life-altering disease.  

This program consists of 8 to 10 one hour sessions.



Death of a loved one

Death or loss of a pet


Relationship breakup

Empty Nest

Tragic event or accident


Abuse or trauma

Natural or man-made disasters

Retirement or job loss

Loss of income or financial security