Just Breathe!


One of the key techniques that we teach each and every client that walks into our office is how to take 3 deep, healing breaths. Deep, abdominal breathing automatically activates the body’s relaxation response. This means that a few conscious, deep breaths can actually reduce stress and anxiety, which helps you to relax and focus. Some studies have shown that deep, focused breathing can actually stimulate brain growth and alter gene expression related to some key bodily functions (check out the article through the link below).

All these benefits by taking a few deep breaths- seems easy enough, right? Well, lucky for all of us, it is! We tell our clients to visualize inhaling a golden light full of healing energy in slowly through your nose. You may even want to count to 5 while inhaling. Hold this breath for a moment, and then visualize you are slowly (for a count of 6 or more) exhaling all the negativity from your body. You can imagine negativity to look like black smoke, sludge, or anything else that symbolizes “negativity” to you. Repeat this 3 times. It’s a simple as that. Now get breathing!!