At Think Wellness Boutique, 

to address a multitude of life challenges

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Grief Recovery

Anxiety and Stress

Depression and Insomnia


Pain Management

Fears and Phobias

Improving Confidence, Motivation, and Self Esteem

we utilize a variety of healing modalities


Grief Recovery

Past Life Regression

Age Regression


Guided Meditation

Guided Imagery

Body Wisdom



Treatment plans are customized to each individual's needs, but our mission is always the same:
To teach you how to access the power of your mind to initiate positive change and
empower you to reach your full potential. 

Use your relaxed mind and breath to help achieve goals like quitting smoking or losing weight.

Learn the skills to effectively and respectfully cope with the loss of a loved one or life change. 

Explore your energy and its effect on the balance of your mind, body, and emotions.